expanding knowledges: pedagogies of freedom for visual communication

{eng} interview on design education as process of liberation, on depatriarchise design—2019

dystopia is the new porn: fantasies of domination and questions of power

{eng/ita} on the appropriation of dystopian fiction, on depatriarchise design—2018

what can a design conference do?

{eng} report on design conference beyond change, on depatriarchise design—2018

things I had no words for on depatriarchise design

{eng} article on my lecture "things I had no words for"—2017

world of desire

{eng} project dissertation of my degree work at konstfack—2017

decoration beyond the decorative

{eng} s.h.tirén on my exhibition works on desire—2017

exhibiting graphic design: interview

{ita/eng} interview about practices for exhibiting design—2016

critical and speculative design: interview

{eng} interview about critical and speculative design—2014

studio cinema

{eng} essay on design education—published in thought experiments in graphic design education—2014

the importance of history in the graphic design practice

{ita/eng} short essay on design history—published in progetto grafico 24—2014

what is missing in italian graphic design schools?

{ita/eng} about italian design schools—abitare magazine—2013

oltre la gabbia/beyond the grid

{ita/eng} various texts and interviews—my ma thesis blog—2012-2014

le professioni intellettuali: verso una nuova interpretazione del tempo

{ita} about intellectual professions and time—acta—2013


{eng} presenting my ma thesis—manystuff—2012

stories and atoms

{eng} about italian graphic design—for “graphic design worlds” exhibition’s catalogue—electa—2011

a diary of an exhibition

{ita/eng} the blog of “graphic design worlds” exhibition—2010/2011

il valore dell’incontro

{ita} about design education—for the book “giovane grafica italiana”—municipality of milan—2010

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